Randy Update – 7/26

This will be the last Randy dedicated post I do. His progress is steady and with Physical Therapy starting there is little to report. We don't know when he will be released from the hospital but that will be followed with some days of in home care, we are told that for each day a... Continue Reading →

Randy Update – 7/24 and 25 AM

I apologize for not posting yesterday, it was a very long day but a good one.  I didn't mean to worry anyone, I have great news.  Yesterday brought with it the arrival of Zach and Jill from Nebraska, as well as a trip out of bed.  We had another day of discomfort and restlessness but... Continue Reading →

Randy Update – 7/23

Today was a rough day around here, until now.  Dad had a terrible night, he was nauseous and got sick multiple times.  Each time the would vomit it hurts him.  On morning rounds the Doctors were happy to hear about the vomiting, this is a very typical symptom after a trauma like his.  So that... Continue Reading →

Randy Update – 7/22

For those of you that regularly follow our blog I want to thank you so much for the support and love.  Some of you are FiRL but so many of you are our Bloggy Family, Thank you.  For the family and friends who are reading this for updates please feel free to send the links... Continue Reading →

My Father’s Accident

I am sitting in a hospital room right with my mother and father.  Yesterday I received a phone call just after we finished dinner that my father had been involved in a roll over accident with his work truck.  At the time they were trying to stabilize him for movement to another hospital.  I went... Continue Reading →

The New Tour

A few weeks ago I let you all know we were going to be changing tours and that things were nuts.  Well they have stayed nuts.  This tour is a strange creature to us.  We are taking around a vehicle that holds display models of blood testing machines for Johnson & Johnson.  This is the... Continue Reading →

The Rigg Family

In the middle of this crazy week I got a call from my bother.  He was in Illinois and wanted to check in.  I adore my older brother and his family.  Have you met them? This is my very handsome brother Zach His lovely wife Jill Thier first born Derrick Then came adorable Dorothy At... Continue Reading →

Crazy Days

We are going to have some crazy days coming up. Right now we are in Michigan helping with a tour for Meijer but on Monday we fly to North Carolina to take over a tour. The driver team in NC is sick and needs time off to deal with medical issues. Once I know more... Continue Reading →

Foodie Blog

Well it's about time I talk about the other blog Josh and I write; Dining Out With Two American Nomads.  Our travels take us to some pretty good food but also some terrible.  We do eat out almost all of our meals and we decided that it might be a good way to get some... Continue Reading →

Fat Suit

One of the perks of visiting the parents either set it there are close by YMCAs. Both Josh and I have always been active folks I used to live at the gym. Now we have settled into a life of putting on a little "fat suit" as Josh calls it the winter. It's time to... Continue Reading →

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