The Rigg Family

In the middle of this crazy week I got a call from my bother.  He was in Illinois and wanted to check in.  I adore my older brother and his family.  Have you met them?

This is my very handsome brother Zach

His lovely wife Jill

Thier first born Derrick

Then came adorable Dorothy

At last arrived sweet little Elizabeth

But next year Mom is going to have to make one more pair of jammie pants because THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!  We will be welcoming number 4 to the Rigg family.

4 thoughts on “The Rigg Family

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  1. What wonderful pictures of a beautiful family. Next year I think Pippi needs a scarf or a little coat made out of jammie material.

  2. Great pictures and great family, like the idea of matching pj’s its a family identity! Lots of fun.

    Congratulations on the news.

    Snuggles and Wuggles
    Hector and Bonny

  3. Thanks for the great posting! We are truly blessed. I need to shop now for enough fabric for this year’s jammies.

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