Wrapped in Neoprene

This is a old set of photos that I just found while cleaning out my emails. These are from a cold water dive in San Diego. Being that we are back in the area I figures it might be fun to share.

This was my first cold water dive and that still wasn’t enough neoprene. I hyperventilated on the surface from the cold shock and my blood vessel constricted to fast. After a moment I was fine and went down to explore a cool sunken ship. Totally worth it






For James Uihlein

This is a post I have struggled to write, a post I need to write. This post is for the family of James Uihlein.

While in Hawaii on one of the dive charters there was an accident and a diver named James Uihlein passed away. He was diving with Josh and I when a medical condition was exacerbated and he started to have trouble. While the crew of the boat we were on did CPR and were diligent about getting James to shore as quickly as possible, he did not make it.

I am not claiming to have been friends with James or that we got to know him well, but he was on our team. His death is tragic and scary. If his family sees this I want them to know that we are enrolling in CPR classes, taking additional diving safety certifications and learning sign language. So that we might be able to do just one little thing to help another diver is distress.

We shot video during our dives with James and want to include that footage on our video from Hawaii, if you are a family member and this makes you uncomfortable please reach out to us. We do not want to do anything that might cause you pain.

This is also a reminder to our other SCUBA friends that things to go wrong out there.

Making Cold Bubbles

We couldn’t possibly go on vacation and not go for a dive, thanks to Air New Zealand we didn’t have any of our gear.  While my suitcase arrived the next day, Josh’s didn’t come for two more.

The site we picked was Poor Knights Island, one of the more famous dive sites in New Zealand.  The collision of currents makes available a menagerie of wildlife not seen in other areas.  For two people whom dive mostly in the tropics suiting up in 8mm wetsuits with hoods was a bit scary.  I love to dive but I get cold even in Cozumel.  There will be a video from our dive coming, I just have not done the editing yet.  A bit lazy, but here is a little clip of Josh (and his beard) all suited up.

Wearing the GoPro was very comfortable and much easier than messing with my DSLR in a case.  My favorite part of diving is watching the schooling fish do their thing and when you are in an area that is prime for migration its heaven.  The dive was incredible and even though it was a large charter we were with a group of more experienced divers.

And, we weren’t cold.

Scuba in Cozumel


I figured it was about time I shared some of the photos we took while on vacation and from the ill-fated dive that sunk my camera. It’s a bit unfortunate that we only took a few shoots of the other people we went with and the house we stayed in. Both were very lovely. Thank goodness for iPhones, we did use those a fair amount. Perfect in a sunny location snapping shots of your friends.


What I was trying to capture with these dive shots was the way we as divers interact and become part of the landscape. That without trying we create wonderful shapes and openings. Most people take pictures of the fish they see, honestly you can buy a postcard that looks better. You can’t however recreate what it was like to be with that specific group of divers. Each time you go down there is something unique that happens from sort of being a team. Usually you dive with a partner but after a bit others will signal you when see something. Each person trying to make sure that everyone gets to experience that unique. No matter how many sharks, rays and turtles you see each one is awesome.


So this led me into the goal of capturing the scene and not the little fishies. Josh did bring up one point after reviewing my edits. Something is missing about the mood if you, the viewer, can’t see that the divers are looking at. The reefs in Cozumel were teeming with fish but not a single one shows up in my shots. So I guess there is room for improvement, getting a flash with a red filter might help. Maybe I’ll have to add that into my budget this year too.


Just a Little Water Won’t Hurt

It was a great time shooting pics while diving, a bit crazy at times. We borrowed a housing from a friend whom was kind of let us try out underwater photography. To make sure that it wouldn’t leak at depth we took it down a few times with a weight in it. After a few tries and the case coming up dry we decided to have a go at taking down our camera. As I previewed last week, the results were good. The housing works to a depth of about 50 ft below sea level, then the pressure makes the case too tight and compresses all the buttons.

We were able to work about this little issue and continued taking it down. After a couple of days Josh had a try at it. Unfortunately something went wrong with the housing and it LEAKED!!! Yep drowning my camera. So I will be taking it in this week hoping that the insurance will cover the damage. Otherwise I get a new camera!