Being Normal

Not only was our trip to Bonaire a vacation from work but also it was a vacation from our lifestyle. There are so many amazing parts of living on the road however we both get very tired of eating all our meals at restaurants. This was one of the reasons we rented a condo vs. going to a resort. Being able to spend an evening in your jammies with a book and bottle of wine is a luxury.


This is for the Van Gelder kids, fresh raisin buns with cheese!!!
This is for the Van Gelder kids, fresh raisin buns with cheese!!!

So while we were on vacation we were normal. Who gets a kick out of going grocery shopping and hitting the fish market?!? (You will need to bring your own shopping bags) Most food was labeled in Dutch but not terribly hard to figure out. We had no issues other than one terrible piece of cheese.

Look how normal I am next to our little rental truck
Look how normal I am next to our little rental truck


This has spurred us on to make a few changes in our lives. Neither of us really enjoy eating out anymore; the occasional great restaurant is one thing but too often we have to pick from what is just around. It takes too long and isn’t very relaxing, plus the portions!! Josh is compulsive about cleaning his plate. There are many times where there just is not a good healthy option either or what is offered does not appeal.


This year we are going to try something new. We do stay at many hotels that have kitchenettes, although they have no cooking essentials. I found a great little travel spice kit, designed for RVs and we have some other small amenities. Utilizing the kitchenette is one part the other is to utilize the great deli and pre-prepared food options at many grocery stores. We can eat lighter and with a bit more variety. This is not a New Years resolution just a product of getting a glimpse at how we can live better.


One of the best parts of the condo we rented (Coral Seas) was the partially stocked kitchen. We didn’t have to start from scratch; there were basic spices, oil and a few non-perishables left behind. Another great feature of this place.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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