Coming This Week: February 15th – 21st

This week we are in Dallas, getting the last pieces ready to launch Rohde & Schwarz for 2015. After Dallas we will be going to Pensacola and Atlanta, followed by Moorhead NC and Huntsville.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Judy Garland – When You’re Smiling, this selection comes via Becky!!!

Week in Review: It was another amazing weekend for me!! I took a drive over to Cincinnati and got in some lady time with my best girl Becky. We usually get to see her once a year for dinner while on our way somewhere. So spending an entire day together was fantastic. Although there might be a few sales clerks scarred for life, lol.

We had a new “road” experience. While leaving Indianapolis with winds gusting at 26 mph a box spring came off of a pickup next to us. It narrowly missed smashing into our truck (we displace a lot of air) and thankfully flatted onto the road before hitting a car. We were the only ones to stop so I can only think that the cars were ok.

As tradition holds we also lost a part in Illinois, the winds on the plains seem to always manage to break something off. This time is was the cover on a mirror.


Fun Photo of the Week:


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  1. Gee, yesterday we had a saw horse fly out of a truck in front of us and almost hit our car. Tom had to drive off the side of the road.It was so windy here too.

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