Coming This Week: May 31st – June 6th

We are coming to the end of the first half of our current tour this year.  Just a few more stops before we take the project down for maintenance.  This week we are in Ronkonkoma, NY (Long Island) and Nashua, NH, which will give me a chance to see my advisor from SNHU.  Next week... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 22nd – 28th

This week we are back on home turf, so of.  We will be doing shows around Detroit and spending some time in the office.  Lucky for me we are close enough to Illinois that I am going to go home for Easter.  Not home but meet my folks.     Song of the week: St... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 8th – 14th

Another week of crap weather!!  Oh well I have high hopes for how Virgina Beach is going to treat us.  And even higher hopes that Philadelphia will welcome us with warm arms before we head to Detroit where I know it will still be cold.  Not sure how much longer I can hold out before buying... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 1st – 7th

We made it safely to North Carolina after a hairy week in Atlanta.  We got to experience "snow" in the south.  Now I could be mean but I get it.  In the midwest they freak over an earthquake, it's all what you know.  We are in North Carolina and Huntsville this week.  Moving to Virginia... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: March 17 – 23

The next few weeks will be a bit crazy. This week is the LA area, including Santa Barbara. Hopefully stopping to see a friend or two (or four-legged). Then we move onto Arizona, with there only being one show next week a trip to the Grand Canyon has pushed itself onto our list! The first... Continue Reading →

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