Coming This Week: March 22nd – 28th

This week we are back on home turf, so of.  We will be doing shows around Detroit and spending some time in the office.  Lucky for me we are close enough to Illinois that I am going to go home for Easter.  Not home but meet my folks.


Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps


Song of the week: St James Infirmary by Cab Calloway

Week in Review: Last week was the first time we have really been able to explore Philadelphia, some of my favorite people are from there.  Thankfully we had a few days off and filled them with some local attractions.  First off we hit the Mutter Museum, if you are a fan of the Travel Channel show Mystery’s at the Museum you will know this one.  The museum is part of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia and is an amazing collection of medical specimens.  Sure this place isn’t for everyone, but it is very unique and well curated.  I am a big fan of Victorian Era collections that are now museums, yeah I have a thing for taxidermy. So often these collections are the foundation for much loved museums, I appreciate when a facility gives a nod to those roots, like the Mutter.  We also had time for the National Constitution Center, something that I wish I had been able to experience as a kid.  While it was good, I think it was much more focused on foreigners and students.

Fun Photo of the Week:


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