Coming This Week: March 1st – 7th

We made it safely to North Carolina after a hairy week in Atlanta.  We got to experience “snow” in the south.  Now I could be mean but I get it.  In the midwest they freak over an earthquake, it’s all what you know.  We are in North Carolina and Huntsville this week.  Moving to Virginia Beach before making it New Jersey.

Courtesy of Google Maps
Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Raleigh & Spencer by Pert’ Near Sandstone

Week in Review: Last week I had to lie on my map, we also went to Charleston, SC.  The reason for the lie was to  keep my good friend Austin from knowing we were going to show up at his 40th Birthday Party.  We spent the weekend having some great brews with a group of some of his favorite people.  It was a HOOT!!!  Love that city.

Fun Photo of the Week:   IMG_3374

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  1. Looks like fun! From the vests and jackets, looks like you could be up North. It was minus 20 here two nights ago. Yikes!

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