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Over the last four years we have made a number of trips to Huntsville, AL but logistics have not allowed for an extra day to see the sights.  What we had seen of Huntsville before this year has all been lovely, we even have some friends who live there and never fail to show us a good time.  This past spring we finally had some extra time and we took full advantage by spending the day at the US Space and Rocket Center.

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I will say one thing, it was well worth the wait.  This place is a blast, in my opinion better than the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  I thought that facility was very worn down, many displays were broken or missing.  The Huntsville collect was much bigger, incredibly interactive, and engaging for adults.  In Washington I felt that most exhibits were focused on children.

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Not only is the center engaging but there are just so many items from our history of scientific exploration.  We could have spent another few hours there, but alas security gave us the boot.  I encourage anyone making a road trip to find some time for a visit.



Coming This Week: March 1st – 7th

We made it safely to North Carolina after a hairy week in Atlanta.  We got to experience “snow” in the south.  Now I could be mean but I get it.  In the midwest they freak over an earthquake, it’s all what you know.  We are in North Carolina and Huntsville this week.  Moving to Virginia Beach before making it New Jersey.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the week: Raleigh & Spencer by Pert’ Near Sandstone

Week in Review: Last week I had to lie on my map, we also went to Charleston, SC.  The reason for the lie was to  keep my good friend Austin from knowing we were going to show up at his 40th Birthday Party.  We spent the weekend having some great brews with a group of some of his favorite people.  It was a HOOT!!!  Love that city.

Fun Photo of the Week:   IMG_3374

Coming This Week: April 27 – May 3

Some last minute changes to the schedule and we are going to get another week with friend visits, we spent most of our time off last week with dear friends.  So this week will see us in Oak Ridge, KY, Huntsville, AL and Atlanta, GA.  Very excited about all of these.  Coming next are two crazy weeks in Florida with lots of moving about.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Courtesy of Google Maps

I’m taking qualitative analysis class this term and these work load it tough, that and a ton of moving around has left you all with much to see.  We have to so many great spots that I can’t wait to share!!!!

Coming This Week: November 4 – 10

Another crazy week of moving around, but some pretty cool stops. Starting this week in Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center, moving to the opposite coast of Florida for a show in Clearwater, and finishing the week in Huntsville, AL. From there we push off for our last week of tour season with stop in New Jersey and New York.

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Notes from last week: We had some time to get a dive in while in Florida, but there is a whole story that you’re going to have to wait for.

Guess how many kisses sweet Avis got while we were in Greensboro?!?!

Coming this Week: June 17 – 23

So coming this week we are onto Warner Robbins, GA and Huntsville, AL. We will then be leaving this region and going to Texas, starting in Austin.

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Quote of the Week: I love you but you don’t know what you’re talking about

Song of the Week: Willie and Lucas Nelson “Just Breathe”

Rental Car: We started the week in a Chevy Cruze, leather and the whole deal. However it also had a Hertz GPS unit called Neverlost. This thing is horrible! It’s huge, in the way, hard to use and not very effective. I would rather have not had one in my rental and just used our Garmin. Lesson learned. The Chrysler 200 saw us through the weekend. I was a bit hesitant, the 300 is one of the worst cars I have driven. It was fine but a little small for it’s class.

Hotel notes: The Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon was a fantastic facility. Every element was top notch! we have stayed at so many Hilton hotels that were way past their prime it’s a treat to not be charged out the nose for a room that still features the curtains from the 70s.