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Over the last four years we have made a number of trips to Huntsville, AL but logistics have not allowed for an extra day to see the sights.  What we had seen of Huntsville before this year has all been lovely, we even have some friends who live there and never fail to show us a good time.  This past spring we finally had some extra time and we took full advantage by spending the day at the US Space and Rocket Center.

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I will say one thing, it was well worth the wait.  This place is a blast, in my opinion better than the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  I thought that facility was very worn down, many displays were broken or missing.  The Huntsville collect was much bigger, incredibly interactive, and engaging for adults.  In Washington I felt that most exhibits were focused on children.

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Not only is the center engaging but there are just so many items from our history of scientific exploration.  We could have spent another few hours there, but alas security gave us the boot.  I encourage anyone making a road trip to find some time for a visit.



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