Cactus Blue Bonaire

Chillin' at Cactus Blue
Chillin’ at Cactus Blue

In my introduction post about Bonaire I mentioned that the food left a little to be desired. There is one exception to that rule, Cactus Blue Hamburgers. This food truck served up the best burger I have, this is not hidden secret either. While we were there the truck was set up five days a week near a popular beach for tourists and locals. There were always people gathered around. We stopped there twice, both post dive, for lunch and a few beers. There is a sign hanging on one of the trees saying “Slow service with a smile”, that about sums it up. Chef Hagen who runs the place makes each order as they come, that including chopping the onions. He puts on some crazy good sauce and wow, we were both temped to stop there every day.

Burgers and Beers
Burgers and Beers

The hamburgers are just amazing but another thing that sets Cactus Blue apart is that he serves Lionfish when available. I admire anyone who finds a reason to hunt and kills these invasive bastards. I hope that more follow his lead and find uses for the meat and over fish them.


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