Coming This Week: February 15th – 21st

This week we are in Dallas, getting the last pieces ready to launch Rohde & Schwarz for 2015. After Dallas we will be going to Pensacola and Atlanta, followed by Moorhead NC and Huntsville. Song of the week: Judy Garland - When You're Smiling, this selection comes via Becky!!! Week in Review: It was another amazing... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: September 28th – October 4th

This week is not set in stone, for once.  We are staying in Dallas a few extra to finish some truck maintenance and have the remainder of the week to drive to San Diego.  Right now we are planning to stop in Albuquerque and Phoenix but all that can change.  Next week will be split... Continue Reading →

Coming This Week: January 5th-11th

Best to start the year off with the wheels turning. After departing from our office in Detroit on Monday we will meet up with the Rohde & Schwarz truck in Dallas. Spending a few days there to get maintenance completed and the carpets cleaned will ease us into the first drive, to The Bay Area.... Continue Reading →

Coming this Week: July 1 – 7

This starts a two week stay in Dallas and we are going to stay at the some hotel. I hope that I don't get homesick when we leave. Quote of the Week: Calling it drinking water seams so redundant to me. Song of the Week: Big River - performed by Johnny Cash. Crossing the Mississippi... Continue Reading →

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