Making More Bubbles

  Josh and I have a fancy new toy to take on our trip to Cozumel, a Dive Computer from Oceanic. When we decided to pursue SCUBA diving as a hobby we also decided not to rush into buying a bunch of gear. As each trip has progressed we have a better idea what types... Continue Reading →

The Right Stuff

If you were going a six-month long trip how would you pack? How would you predict what events and happenings would be coming your way? How would you plan for the changing seasons? How would you plan for what hobbies might present opportunities out there, away from your stuff. That is the subject of today's... Continue Reading →

The Belize Chronicles – Birds

I'm thrilled to share with you even more shots from our vacation. Shots that were lost and have been found! For lunch during the full day dive trip we stopped at Half Moon Caye Natural Monument Park. This is home to a bird sanctuary for the Red Footed Booby. Josh was kind enough to tromp... Continue Reading →

Oh Well

There were very lofty thoughts of writing the first in my Belize series of posts today.  But then reality set in and I remembered that we are back on tour and had a long day.  While it was tiring it was not hard.  I do enjoy getting back into the routine.  I especially like getting... Continue Reading →

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