For James Uihlein

This is a post I have struggled to write, a post I need to write. This post is for the family of James Uihlein.

While in Hawaii on one of the dive charters there was an accident and a diver named James Uihlein passed away. He was diving with Josh and I when a medical condition was exacerbated and he started to have trouble. While the crew of the boat we were on did CPR and were diligent about getting James to shore as quickly as possible, he did not make it.

I am not claiming to have been friends with James or that we got to know him well, but he was on our team. His death is tragic and scary. If his family sees this I want them to know that we are enrolling in CPR classes, taking additional diving safety certifications and learning sign language. So that we might be able to do just one little thing to help another diver is distress.

We shot video during our dives with James and want to include that footage on our video from Hawaii, if you are a family member and this makes you uncomfortable please reach out to us. We do not want to do anything that might cause you pain.

This is also a reminder to our other SCUBA friends that things to go wrong out there.

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