The Finish Line

For the last three years I have been taking courses from Southern New Hampshire University in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Marketing. While this probably should have been motivation to blog more, I found that there would be weeks pass by without the desire to share. Now there are certainly people who got through... Continue Reading →

Of Two Generations

I am entering the final term in pursuit of my masters degree in marketing.  Understanding demographical information about particular market segments is a topic covered in each coarse taken.  Marketers looks at every aspect of consumer lives to better understand buying habits and possible interest levels.  As I have worked on projects one item I... Continue Reading →

For James Uihlein

This is a post I have struggled to write, a post I need to write. This post is for the family of James Uihlein. While in Hawaii on one of the dive charters there was an accident and a diver named James Uihlein passed away. He was diving with Josh and I when a medical... Continue Reading →

Trip Planning – Hawaii

Overwhelming!!  That's how I am starting to feel our upcoming trip to Hawaii is.  We are planning to visit Hawaii for vacation the first two weeks in December.  The reason for the trip is to attend a wedding on Maui but the rest it is see the gem.  However I'm having trouble figuring out what... Continue Reading →

Screw You, We’re From Texas

Last weekend we headed out of Dallas metro to an outdoor music venue called Bono's Saloon. Waiting there for us was the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard. I'm sure that you have figured out that we are fans of Americana and Texas county music from our song of the week selections. This rugged North Texas music... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

I've received quite a few texts and emails expressing concern for our safety. Josh and I are currently in the midwest and did get hit by the snow last night but did not drive in it. Our families were not in the areas effected by the tornadoes. Thank you all for your thoughts, we are... Continue Reading →


How would we ever find out about cool new stuff without blogs? How did we ever live without them! I have recently been introduced to an awesome program called Birchbox by Amanda Lyons. Had I not followed Epiphanie on Facebook I wouldn't have been introduced to Amanda's fun blog. Isn't technology great. Where was I... Continue Reading →

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