Screw You, We’re From Texas

Last weekend we headed out of Dallas metro to an outdoor music venue called Bono’s Saloon. Waiting there for us was the legendary Ray Wylie Hubbard. I’m sure that you have figured out that we are fans of Americana and Texas county music from our song of the week selections. This rugged North Texas music venue was just the ticket for catching an artist that I am a huge fan of. You would think we would be able to see so many bands, moving around this much. Actually we usually miss the acts we like by just a few days. Knowing that we had such a large window in Dallas (two weeks) we put in some research time and looked at a long list of who we would like to see. Again most of the groups we were missing by a day or two but not all.

Bono’s Saloon claims to be the North Texas home for Red Dirt music and pulls in some pretty good acts. Ray Wylie Hubbard is most well known for writing “Up against the wall, redneck mothers” and “Screw you, we’re from Texas”. Obviously with a tune like that you gather a Lone Star fan base. The venue was an outdoor stage area behind the restaurant and really felt like someone’s backyard. Not because it wasn’t nice but because everyone seemed to be friends. It would have been nice it the website had made it clear that you need to bring a chair.


What made this venue so absolutely amazing was how close you can get to the stage, just a few feet from the legend. I am sure that the giddy smile on my face made it clear that I was in heaven.

Hubbard is currently touring with his son and you can tell they are both enjoying it. It will be a long time before another concert is this good but hey who better to set the bar high?!


Winter Wonderland


I’ve received quite a few texts and emails expressing concern for our safety. Josh and I are currently in the midwest and did get hit by the snow last night but did not drive in it. Our families were not in the areas effected by the tornadoes.

Thank you all for your thoughts, we are lucky to have avoided this band of treacherous weather.


How would we ever find out about cool new stuff without blogs? How did we ever live without them! I have recently been introduced to an awesome program called Birchbox by Amanda Lyons. Had I not followed Epiphanie on Facebook I wouldn’t have been introduced to Amanda’s fun blog. Isn’t technology great. Where was I going with this, oh yeah Birchbox.


For someone who likes to find new beauty products and loves samples this is perfect. They pick a variety of products that might fit your general interest and others that introduce you to new things. They even have special edition boxes you can send to others, like brides or new moms. Hmmm, I know more than a few of those this year.


One of the reasons I’m so loyal to Sephora is the massive amounts of samples that you get with purchases. Needless to say I frequent the site, spent enough last year to be upgraded to “V.I.B.” status.


While I don’t think that decal eyeliner or garnet tape will become a permanent part of my routine, it is fun to try something new. Thank you Birchbox, I’m hooked.


Casa No Más

How many people spend a week in Mexico and come back homeless? Well I am happy to say that as of 10am today Josh and I are no longer the proud owners of a townhouse in Minnesota. Yes folks, after three years of dancing with the market we have sold our house. Thank you to everyone whom has been there while we dealt with the ups and downs of challenging market.

Josh and I bought the house about a year before we got married. We started our life together there. We housebroke two puppies there. And we had many wonderful times there.

To the nice man whom purchased the house, thank you and I know you will love it as much as we did.

Kroger Fail

While I’m certainly not the greenest person in the world I do bring reusable shopping bags to the store.  On a recent trip to Kroger it was business as usual, even mentioned to the checkout that I had my own bags.  Well instead of trying to fit two bottles of wine into my grocery bag she starts whipping out the plastic.  Using not one, not two, not three but FIVE plastic bags for two bottles of wine.  Now come on!  I’m not going to be trekking into the wilderness on unpaved roads when I leave.

Bringing your own shopping bags is supposed to curtail the passing of plastic.  This is not the first time that Kroger has went over board with bagging items, putting just one or two items in a bag and moving on.  I’m starting to wonder if they don’t get paid per plastic sack used.

The Ick

I have been a bit under the weather this past week. Started with a head cold now I have a cough nothing serious enough to go to the doctor about but I sound terrible. Been sleeping instead of writing to get this crud busted. Plus no one at work wants me anywhere near them. I can go months out on the road in cold and snow without getting sick but put me at a desk and boom!

Nuns on the Run

After posting the family pictures last week I received a few inquiries about what the little Nuns on the foreground were all about.  Well those just happen to be a set little holy sisters made from gourds.

They were made by my Great-Aunt, a Franciscan Nun.   We just call her Sister Jean.   These little gals now travel all over the country visiting different family members.  We recently started a Facebook page dedicated to tracking the adventures they get into.  We try to make sure they are at any large family function but otherwise the whole point is to share a little of your unique life with the rest of the family.  Just another way to keep connected.

The girls have never gone with us, once we get another fun tour I’ll try to score them for a spell.   The idea was sort of like how the Roaming Gnome got started with without the drama.