Casa No Más

How many people spend a week in Mexico and come back homeless? Well I am happy to say that as of 10am today Josh and I are no longer the proud owners of a townhouse in Minnesota. Yes folks, after three years of dancing with the market we have sold our house. Thank you to... Continue Reading →

Kroger Fail

While I'm certainly not the greenest person in the world I do bring reusable shopping bags to the store.  On a recent trip to Kroger it was business as usual, even mentioned to the checkout that I had my own bags.  Well instead of trying to fit two bottles of wine into my grocery bag... Continue Reading →

The Ick

I have been a bit under the weather this past week. Started with a head cold now I have a cough nothing serious enough to go to the doctor about but I sound terrible. Been sleeping instead of writing to get this crud busted. Plus no one at work wants me anywhere near them. I... Continue Reading →

Nuns on the Run

After posting the family pictures last week I received a few inquiries about what the little Nuns on the foreground were all about.  Well those just happen to be a set little holy sisters made from gourds. They were made by my Great-Aunt, a Franciscan Nun.   We just call her Sister Jean.   These... Continue Reading →

Hello Josh

Today had been a crazy day! Not only did Josh get back from his vacation (post to follow) but I was able to meet up with some awesome Scottie peeps (post to follow). So my terrible week is over and a crazy one starts. Such is my life.


Well it's official we are now certified SCUBA divers, actually we finished a few days ago but I've been under the seas so much there was little time to post. We have been on six dives since arriving here in Belize. After leaving here I'm not sure I'll be able to explain what it is... Continue Reading →

At Last

We have arrived! Last night was not spent in Belize, instead we tucked in at an airport hotel in Atlanta. Weather delayed our arrival to the connecting flight and thus we missed out on a day of diving. Our flight boarded from Florida on time then circled Atlanta for an hour before heading back. So... Continue Reading →

We Are Outta Here

I wanted to drop a quick note before we head south. Tomorrow is the beginning of our week long vacation in San Pedro, Belize. I will have my iPad but not sure that i'll post. For those of you wondering, Pippi is staying with an in home dog sitter in Atlanta.

Back at it

Well we are back to work, regular schedules; we are counting the days until Belize and as usual loving this lifestyle. The shot below was from our visit to Dauphin Island in Alabama, you know Josh loves the ocean. I'm fairly certain with the four Florida stops planned we will be hitting the sand again,... Continue Reading →

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