Texas for Two

We have made it to Texas! Got to tell you that we have been looking forward to this for some time now. We both have family here, many friends and in general like it here. Always lots to do, lots to see and lots to taste. Another excitement to come is the addition of some... Continue Reading →

Resolutions Bad, Goals Good

Did you set a News Years resolution? How have you been doing? I guess that this year I sort of did, I set some new career goals. Here are a few things I would like to achieve this year. Have a non-work photo published Have a non-work article published Guest post on three blogs Interview... Continue Reading →

2010 Review

I try to share at the end of each year interesting facts, well I find them interesting, about our travels. In 2010 we: Were on six different tours: Reflections the American Funeral, Tabasco Hangover Headquarter, Ortho East, Ortho West, Meijer Virtual Playground and Library of Congress Gateway to Knowledge We traveled to 31 states, this... Continue Reading →

My Pops

I truly hate to write this post today but my father is back in the hospital. After three trips to the emergency room and two weeks of excruciating pain he has been admitted back to Memorial Hospital in Springfield.  Right now I don't have an answer for what is going other than an infection is... Continue Reading →

A Really Big Boat

Boy did I get to have some fun last week, shall we say I was making waves.  My client was in town, Library of Congress, and after a day of meetings and working through details we had some fun.  The owner of my company had one of his take us all out on a yacht... Continue Reading →

Pa Action Figure

Soon my life will be back to normal and with that my posts will be normal.  For now bear with sporadic and sentimental yammering.  My nephew, the cutest and most special kid ever, turns 6 today and one of his presents was a Lego set that makes a bucket truck.  He was talking about what... Continue Reading →

Word-Full Wednesday!!!

I am breaking the mold here but I just can't keep this in.  MY DAD CAME HOME TODAY!!!!!!  Big Daddy Rigg is out of the hospital, a month and a half after the accident and he is all clear for home care.

Randy Update – 7/28

Well I lied, I will be posting about Dad again.  I wish that I was here to post about him coming home and that it was time for visits, unfortunately there has been a delay.  It sounds like dad's accident might have been worse than we first spoke about.  He likely rolled end over end... Continue Reading →

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