My Pops

I truly hate to write this post today but my father is back in the hospital. After three trips to the emergency room and two weeks of excruciating pain he has been admitted back to Memorial Hospital in Springfield.  Right now I don’t have an answer for what is going other than an infection is likely causing swelling and pressure.

My biggest hope right now is to not see another complication.

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  1. Abigail – so sorry of your father’s on-going health problems. I can relate to the stress and uncertainty. It is difficult to see someone you love rally, only to be knocked down again.

    I look forward to seeing your tour when you are in Iowa. I wanted you both to know, if you need a place to park the rig between Grinnell and Cedar Falls, please know there is a place here for you.

    If you want a bed and hot shower and farm breakfast – those are on the able as well.

    Love, Aunt Cindi

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