Patience My Dear, Patience

Right about now that is my mantra, patience.  My dad is going to have surgery this week, they are going to stabilize the fractured vertebra. This procedure will allow the area to heal completely and relieve his pain.  As I posted a few days ago he went back into the hospital, an infection had cause massive pressure on his back and uncontrollable pain.  The infection is subsiding, most importantly the swelling.  I actually just left the hospital, the travel genie granted me a good one here.  Springfield, IL was just 80 miles from our next event, so Josh gave up his day off to drive us there.   We have spent a couple of day with Dad before heading to Washington, IL for our show.  My brother has arrived from Nebraska to help mom out.   He has been able to, well has somehow made it happen, come home a few times a month to help.  All of this while expecting baby number 4!  He’s such a good boy.

We’ve really been enjoying the nice weather, Josh and I are much more partial to cooling temps. I even found a little to shoot Pippi this weekend. She is such a doll. I don’t know why she puts up with this, oh wait I feed her, that’s right.

While we were sitting with my folks a few of his friends stopped it, both are farmers.  There was a definite sense of joy in the air, for it come up a few times about how fast te crops came in this year.  Last fall there was so much rain and flooding that some folks were in the field until Christmas.  It has been a year a good weather and good production for many people who needed it.

5 thoughts on “Patience My Dear, Patience

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  1. Prayers that your dad will begin feeling much better soon after the surgery and that everything will go OK for him.

    Great photo of Mrs. P.

  2. So Great that you could get home! We hope that your dad is feeling getter soon.

    Pippi is a treat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

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