Planes, Trains, and Jammie Pants

It always makes me laugh that each year this is the most popular post on the blog, the reveal of this year's Jammie pants.  For any newbies, my mom makes matching pajama pants for my entire family each year.  This year we are once again wearing the t-shirt that features my pop's award winning 64'... Continue Reading →

Fields of Green Jammie Pants

You can bet that with everything going on my dear mother still found time to make matching pajama pants for all of us again.  This year was quite fancy, green polls-dots with striped cuffs.  They were a hit and everyone's fit well, a victory in itself. If you want to see some of the past... Continue Reading →

The Cool Nana

Our nephews call Josh's mom Nana, I'm from a strictly Grandma family.  She is a pretty cool Nana at that.  Check out her and one of the boys tearing up on the beanbag circuit.  

Mitchy Matchy (Jammie Pants)

It’s the moment you all have been waiting for, the reveal of this year’s jammie pants!!!!!  As you can see it is a lovely blue and green plaid flannel, but what really makes this a monumental year is that everyone’s fit.  Add to that, my mom had them done way ahead of time; these are... Continue Reading →

Feast or Famine

It seems as though when we see our friends it's either feast or famine. We just spent two weeks in Denver and spent a good portion of that time with friends. However it has been more than a year since we have spent time with them. Each year we make it to Greensboro but it's... Continue Reading →

Monumental Montana

Each year I publish a list of all the states we visit and note when any are a first time. Next January there will be another one nocked off of list of 50. I have now been to Montana, stopping in Missoula. This leave just Alaska, Hawaii and Idaho for me: Josh has just Alaska... Continue Reading →

A Brother of a Roadtrip

Today we started our more than 2000 mile journey to Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. This trip will take us about five days but fortunately we have more time than that available. We have time to stop in Cheyenne, to pick up the mail. There is time to visit Greybull and see Big Bopper. We... Continue Reading →

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