A Brother of a Roadtrip

Today we started our more than 2000 mile journey to Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. This trip will take us about five days but fortunately we have more time than that available. We have time to stop in Cheyenne, to pick up the mail. There is time to visit Greybull and see Big Bopper. We even have time to swing into Missoula and hangout with Josh’s cousin and his new bride, Montana being on the very short list of states I have yet to visit.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Part of my job is the logistics of our tours, when and where the truck needs to move but I don’t plan the routes. Josh was able to work all of these stops out, actually they all worked themselves out. Today while checking the map I was disappointed to see that we would just miss Omaha and pass up my brother’s family. However we would be hitting Lincoln, NE. My brother works for the USDA and spends a good portion of his days in the field. I hoped that by chance he would be working in that part of the state. A quick phone call later and boy oh boy did we get lucky! We were right by him at lunchtime.

I haven’t seen him since thanksgiving and there isn’t a better way to kick off a roadtrip.


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