Coming This Week: September 16 – 22

We will have gone full circle this week, back to the East Coast. This entire week will be in Washington DC, there is an important meeting for our clients here. I believe that a trip down to Charlottesville is in order. Josh’s cousin Erica just moved there last week and we took a few boxes for her. It’s all about the timing.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Indianapolis by Bottle Rockets – There are no many times we feel just somewhere with no way to get around.

Notes from last Week: Rented a VW Bug last week, oh my gosh!! It was just about the most fun little car ever built. My mom had a Bug when she was a teenager, she speaks very fondly of it, now I understand why. Even Josh liked it.

Had a chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, although she is much more. Becky or better known as Flour Power is a social media guru and a staple in the foodie world. I have been a fan for years and always look to her for inspiration to just try something. She took us to a very hip sushi restaurant in Dayton. The Chipotle of sushi you might say, Fusian is a just the place for a quick bite. You pick the ingredients of your roll and the friendly staff puts it together via assembly line. All set in a cool environment, I wish this had been around when I was in college.

I need to say a very special Thank You to Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures; you are always a rock when I need it. Thank you for being calm when I wasn’t.

Finally did the edits on our Whistler stop pictures, pretty amazing place to take a truck.

Whistler of a View

Every job has its perks, mine of course is the travel. At least we see it as a perk. So many of our favorite places were tour stops. Often we don’t take all of our vacation time because the tours end up in a location that we find interesting and enjoy our downtime. Whistler is definitely one of these.

During our weeklong stay in British Columbia we took full advantage of surroundings. This world-class ski community becomes a wild mountain biking destination during the summer. Not that I was up for biking, but I did truly enjoy the life rides that are kept open for riders and tourists. Unfortunately the day we went to the top the peeks were socked in. It’s hard to show how vast the views are but I hope you still enjoy some of our shots.

The hiking at the peeks is fantastic but chilly.

The only wild thing I did was white water rafting, now that was fun. No pics from that.

Perfectly Good Bridge

What would possess a person to fling themselves off of a perfect good bridge with noting but a rubber band strapped to their waist?!?!

Getting strapped in

Well that’s Josh; bungee jumping with some friends of ours in Whistler. Who knew that folks in the test and measurement crowd were so adventurous? I did not partake in the experience but was glad to video and photograph the jumps. Most of my videos didn’t turn out well but the images did.

Look at Emily go!

Prefect form

Free falling

Everyone said it was a blast and would never have done without coming together. I just have to say it was darn scary!!!!  I was freaking out from the viewing deck.  Just imagining the fall was enough for me.

They all loved it and were nothing but smiles on the ride back.

Even Pippi enjoyed the view

Coming This Week: July 29 – August 4

We are spending all week in Whistler, but start the second leg of our tour next week.  Stops include San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Denver.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Quote of the Week: “One of my favorite pastimes is getting a nephew messed up on Shady Lane Margaritas”

Song of the Week: Back to Me by Kathleen Edwards – She is Canadian and Josh is a fan

Rental Cars: Chevy Impala – A standard in traveling well.

A Brother of a Roadtrip

Today we started our more than 2000 mile journey to Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. This trip will take us about five days but fortunately we have more time than that available. We have time to stop in Cheyenne, to pick up the mail. There is time to visit Greybull and see Big Bopper. We even have time to swing into Missoula and hangout with Josh’s cousin and his new bride, Montana being on the very short list of states I have yet to visit.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Part of my job is the logistics of our tours, when and where the truck needs to move but I don’t plan the routes. Josh was able to work all of these stops out, actually they all worked themselves out. Today while checking the map I was disappointed to see that we would just miss Omaha and pass up my brother’s family. However we would be hitting Lincoln, NE. My brother works for the USDA and spends a good portion of his days in the field. I hoped that by chance he would be working in that part of the state. A quick phone call later and boy oh boy did we get lucky! We were right by him at lunchtime.

I haven’t seen him since thanksgiving and there isn’t a better way to kick off a roadtrip.


Coming This Week: July 15 – 21

Almost got used to “living” in Dallas, not really after two weeks I was itching to go. We will spend this week in Kansas City and depart for our week long trek to Whistler, BC. I am happy to announce that we will be stopping in Cheyenne, Greybull and Bozeman on our way there!!! So watch out WY VGs we are coming.