Coming This Week: July 15 – 21

Almost got used to “living” in Dallas, not really after two weeks I was itching to go. We will spend this week in Kansas City and depart for our week long trek to Whistler, BC. I am happy to announce that we will be stopping in Cheyenne, Greybull and Bozeman on our way there!!! So watch out WY VGs we are coming.

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  1. oh, only four hours away…you’re getting closer. Maybe on your way back you’ll drop down through UT? Miss Pippi would like that. 🙂

    We met one of Albert’s sisters the other day. She was quick to let him know that she didn’t like him…maybe he hogged all the milk when they were little. It was kind of funny but sad. She was super cute – looked and acted just like him, except for the trying to bite his head off part. He’s all sweetness and love.

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