My Marriage

You can’t imagine how often someone comments to us about how they would never be able to work with their spouse.  Josh and I have been working side by side to over four years now and still enjoy it.  My response to those comments usually includes something about how easy it is to trust in your spouse’s work ethic, much easier than a stranger.  I always know what Josh is going to do and what he will likely forget.  I can be very honest with him and don’t need to be PC about it.

We are close friends and just happen to find the other very good-looking.  Plus we love our job.  Josh would never have considered the marketing field without a push from me and I would never have achieved what I am without him right behind me.

A typical work day

Last week I talked about how much we are enjoying this new client, but each new tour is a bit scary. With Josh by my side I look forward to new projects and to see how we can grow.  Later this week will mark the fifth anniversary of our nuptials.  While it’s not always easy, it’s always an adventure together.

Maybe we are lucky but there was never another path for us.  All points lead to this.

7 thoughts on “My Marriage

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  1. I loved reading this. It’s wonderful to be married to someone who lifts you up instead of tearing you down. There’s way too much of the latter in this world. Not to mention that you look great together! Happy Anniversary to both of you this week.

    Maybe Miss Pippi will bake you a cake? 🙂

  2. congratulations on your five years! Everyone around you benefits from your solid and fun-loving relationship! That is a real blessing.

  3. Wow, time flies. Five years.
    A better couple has never been produced however.
    I love you both. Okay, Abigail just a tad more than Josh because he is not as much fun to hold onto, but you are both at the top of my list.
    You always have a cheering section in northern Minnesota.

  4. What a beautiful testament to your love! It warms my heart. I would love a copy of the recent picture of you two. Love you.

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