I Heart My Client

I would never say something negative about one of our clients on this blog, but I will share the positive.  We have been with Rohde & Schwarz for almost three months now, traveled about half the country too.  We have visited two of their central offices and met more employees than I can recall.  I’m happy to say that we feel like a part of the family now.


MRA (who we work for) has always been a small company where most of us are close friends, but our clients are usually large organizations that you only know one or two departments.

Rohde & Schwarz is actually a family own company and even with 100’s of employees they are a family.  Each region we enter is unique but we are given the full welcome.  Many of the Account Manager, Field Engineers and Technicians we work with on the tour have known each other for years.  Not just at R&S either.  They have migrated from other companies to form strong and resourceful teams.


With only one-week left of the initial tour it’s exciting to see what they come up with next.  After our trip to Canada we return to the US and start a different round of educational seminars with them, same truck but different presenters.  This next round of travel will take us back around the country and to a few places that we rarely visit.  Maybe even to your backyard.  As soon as I can post the locations I will.

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  1. They sound like a wonderful company to be working with on this tour. I hope they will find a way for you guys to swing west and visit the Vegas area.

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