Coming This Week: September 16 – 22

We will have gone full circle this week, back to the East Coast. This entire week will be in Washington DC, there is an important meeting for our clients here. I believe that a trip down to Charlottesville is in order. Josh’s cousin Erica just moved there last week and we took a few boxes for her. It’s all about the timing.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Indianapolis by Bottle Rockets – There are no many times we feel just somewhere with no way to get around.

Notes from last Week: Rented a VW Bug last week, oh my gosh!! It was just about the most fun little car ever built. My mom had a Bug when she was a teenager, she speaks very fondly of it, now I understand why. Even Josh liked it.

Had a chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, although she is much more. Becky or better known as Flour Power is a social media guru and a staple in the foodie world. I have been a fan for years and always look to her for inspiration to just try something. She took us to a very hip sushi restaurant in Dayton. The Chipotle of sushi you might say, Fusian is a just the place for a quick bite. You pick the ingredients of your roll and the friendly staff puts it together via assembly line. All set in a cool environment, I wish this had been around when I was in college.

I need to say a very special Thank You to Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures; you are always a rock when I need it. Thank you for being calm when I wasn’t.

Finally did the edits on our Whistler stop pictures, pretty amazing place to take a truck.

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