Don’t Call Me on Sundays

Don’t call me on Sundays, I’m not in. No, I’m planted in front of the TV or at some sports bar, mixing with my own kind. I’m referring to other Chicago Bears fans. The things we do in order to make sure as not to miss the game. Like getting up at 5:00 am to drive 300 miles before kickoff.

Don’t call me on Sundays, I’m not in. No, I’m carefully picking out my clothes to represent the proper amount of blue and orange. Because Jay Cutler knows if I’m not wearing my team name with pride. My Bears t-shirts give the those boys the extra boost they need to bring home a win.

Don’t call me on Sunday, I’m not in. If we have won our midday game I’m too excited to talk and there are more games to watch. It’s not just our wins that lead to tittles; it’s everyone else’s play too. If we lost then I’m sulking and really don’t want to talk.

Don’t call me on Sundays, I’m not in. But you can text BEAR DOWN.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me on Sundays

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  1. Yup, Pippi, we were sulking here too. Cutler HAS to get better and not get sacked and NOT throw interceptions~~is that really too much to ask for?? I think not!! Theres always the next game!!


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