Don’t Call Me on Sundays

Don't call me on Sundays, I'm not in. No, I'm planted in front of the TV or at some sports bar, mixing with my own kind. I'm referring to other Chicago Bears fans. The things we do in order to make sure as not to miss the game. Like getting up at 5:00 am to... Continue Reading →

It’s Football Time

One this is certain, I defiantly look forward to football Sundays!! To commentate the start of NFL regular season we changed Pippi's collar. Even she is crowing Bear Down.

Coming This Week: May 15-21

This week we will be in Lebanon, TN and depart for Houston, TX; where we will be for most of next week. We are now at the end of our regular tour schedule and will be repeating many Southern and Eastern states. Post of the week: I'm going to do some shameless self promotion here... Continue Reading →

Bears Bears Bears

A girlfriend of mine called to see if we could work at the Vikings game this past weekend; the Vikings/Bears game! We helped out with Chevy and got to cheer on our Chicago Bears. Now it might have been a sad game but it was fun and not just free, we got paid. Thanks Jacquie.

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