Coming This Week: October 21 – 27

This is our last week in Washington, just one more show here before we start south. We will also be going to Norfolk, VA and Greensboro. Very excited to see our friends. Next week will bring us to Charleston, SC and Atlanta.

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Coming This Week: September 30 – October 6

We haven’t decided yet where to spend most of this week.  On Friday we have a show just outside DC in Maryland, and three next week in that same area.  As for the first half, we will decide today.

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Song of the Week: Decoration Day by Drive by Truckers

Notes From Last Week: Spent five wonderful days in a cabin in New Hampshire enjoying the fall colors.  Even donned Josh’s hip waders to capture a few images of a lovely covered bridge.

Coming This Week: September 16 – 22

We will have gone full circle this week, back to the East Coast. This entire week will be in Washington DC, there is an important meeting for our clients here. I believe that a trip down to Charlottesville is in order. Josh’s cousin Erica just moved there last week and we took a few boxes for her. It’s all about the timing.

Courtesy of Google Maps

Song of the Week: Indianapolis by Bottle Rockets – There are no many times we feel just somewhere with no way to get around.

Notes from last Week: Rented a VW Bug last week, oh my gosh!! It was just about the most fun little car ever built. My mom had a Bug when she was a teenager, she speaks very fondly of it, now I understand why. Even Josh liked it.

Had a chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, although she is much more. Becky or better known as Flour Power is a social media guru and a staple in the foodie world. I have been a fan for years and always look to her for inspiration to just try something. She took us to a very hip sushi restaurant in Dayton. The Chipotle of sushi you might say, Fusian is a just the place for a quick bite. You pick the ingredients of your roll and the friendly staff puts it together via assembly line. All set in a cool environment, I wish this had been around when I was in college.

I need to say a very special Thank You to Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures; you are always a rock when I need it. Thank you for being calm when I wasn’t.

Finally did the edits on our Whistler stop pictures, pretty amazing place to take a truck.

Coming This Week: January 15 – 21

This week we will still be in Washington DC but there are possible stops in Philadelphia and Toronto.

Post of the Week: A dear friend of mine has started a fun project. He is planning to wear a different t-shirt every day this year. Now I don’t know many people who have enough t-shirts to even attempt this. You can check out the posts so far and read the story behind each one. I think it’s amazing that he knows when he got each one.