GoPicnic Travel Meals

I have just found the greatest roadtrip food ever made!!!! GoPicnic meals are ready made snack packs that are healthy, savory and just plain fun. They have vegan, vegitarain, pescitarian, koser, gluton-free and meat options. We picked up the Hummus lunch before heading out for an all day sail. It is just at 400 calories and includes chocolate. It was delicious and filling.

For anyone who tries to maintain a diet while traveling, these meals are perfect. I found mine at a Walgreens in Michigan but I know that some Sam’s Clubs carry them in packs. I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future and Josh was even keen to try some of the other options.

Even the packaging is cute, a re-closable box with each item individually packaged (eat them at once or save one for later). The labeling and branding just makes this entire experience just that, an experience. You can image how excited two event marketing nerds got over this one.

Take a moment and check them out

***GoPicnic did not request this post or ask me to review their product.

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  1. They look fantastic. But just be careful every time SHE finds a product SHE likes, they either take it off the market OR ‘Improve’ it beyond recognition!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

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