Barefoot 2.0

If you have been following this blog for a while then you are aware of my affinity for Merrell and their wonderful Barefoot shoes.  Both Josh and I have owned a number of their “glove” offerings, the minimalist sole is supportive without being heavy, I feel more balanced and move faster in them while working.



However I have started running again and could feel my feet start to fatigue after about two miles while wearing the pace glove.  I don’t want to go back to a structured running shoe but also don’t want sore feet.  Minimalist shoes really work for me, they are not ideal for everyone.  I did break down and purchase a new pair of shoes but was never really happy with them, especially after a 5K in them.  While shopping for new hiking boots I saw something exciting, the newest evolution from Merrell, Bare Access.

They are AMAZING!!!!  Just a slight upgraded sole, some additional arch support but still very light.  My feet feel no fatigue and still feel very connected to the ground.  Plus they are cute, I am actually amazed at how well they match just about everything.  I wear they not just to run but also at work when we are setting up events.  I found that after switching to a minimalist shoe I moved much safer at work.  You feel you steps and I don’t trip over things and can move better around the gear as we are working.  This is just my option.  If you have tried a bare or low profile show before but found them lacking I would recommend giving the Access series a try.

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***

Shared Spaces

A few years ago a troll made a comment on our food blog devaluing my opinion on his favorite restaurant based on the assumption I live in an RV. There was just so much to gripe about with that statement that I did that only reasonable thing, I deleted the comment. Poof, admin rights are awesome. However I still remember the comment, just for its craziness. First of all why would the opinion of someone who traveled in an RV be somehow less valuable? The biggest problem I had with the statement was that I don’t travel or live in an RV.

We travel the US via a cushy semi truck and stay in a hotel at night (as I mentioned last week). After six years we have mastered the art of sharing a small space. We both are messy so stuff lying about isn’t a source of contention. Smelliness is. We fight about one person funking up the shared space. My mother gave us a very thoughtful christmas gift, one that will make you giggle but it is amazing. She gifted us a sample set of Poo-Pourri. This stuff works, I’m amazed and it’s always in my suitcase. Unlike air fresheners that cover up the funk after the fact this stuff never lets it get out. Good stuff!!!! If you share space with a smelly belly like I do, get yourself some Poo-Pourri.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

Barefoot and Fashionable

How could Merrell possibly make their Barefoot line any better? Well I didn’t think there was a way. It’s already flush with a variety of style to match what anyone prefers in an athletic shoe, just with a minimalist twist. Josh and I are very dedicated to the line.

This fall they have added an entirely new option for those prefer barefoot style footwear. Check out these cute and stylist shoes; they are called Life Bliss Glove a part of the new casual line. The lady’s line has this oxford style and a couple with a cute ballet flat look.

They are a bit wider than the previous styles I’ve purchased, I assume to accommodate warmer socks. They are water resistant with a wipe-clean fabric for easy care. I’m already loving them, so comfy and perfect with jean.

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***


GoPicnic Travel Meals

I have just found the greatest roadtrip food ever made!!!! GoPicnic meals are ready made snack packs that are healthy, savory and just plain fun. They have vegan, vegitarain, pescitarian, koser, gluton-free and meat options. We picked up the Hummus lunch before heading out for an all day sail. It is just at 400 calories and includes chocolate. It was delicious and filling.

For anyone who tries to maintain a diet while traveling, these meals are perfect. I found mine at a Walgreens in Michigan but I know that some Sam’s Clubs carry them in packs. I will be keeping an eye out for them in the future and Josh was even keen to try some of the other options.

Even the packaging is cute, a re-closable box with each item individually packaged (eat them at once or save one for later). The labeling and branding just makes this entire experience just that, an experience. You can image how excited two event marketing nerds got over this one.

Take a moment and check them out

***GoPicnic did not request this post or ask me to review their product.

Shiny New Merrells


The time has finally come for me to replace my original Merrell Barefoot shoes. While they are still comfortable, the shoe is starting to fall apart. I don’t want a shabby looking shoe for spring; however they did last about a year. I’ve decided to go with a darker color this time, well not so much decided as it was the color on sale.

While they have released a number of new styles and colors, I still went with the Pace Glove. I like the simple and less flashy look. I’m sad to say that they don’t fit was well. The heel is tighter, the shoe is a bit shorter and they just don’t feel the same. This is a bit disappointing; in my option one of the best features the shoes had was comfort from day one. The new ones rubbed a bit the first few times I ran, not the end of the world for me but it would be for someone new to Barefoot running.

They feel a little tighter all around, which has lead to me wearing a thin liner sock most of the time. I have discussed in the past how wearing a liner does help keep the shoes from forming a gross buildup inside.

I do hate to write this about a brand I love so much but hey I also want anyone trying Barefoot for the first time to have a good experience.

***This blog is not sponsored by or connected to Merrell/Wolverine Shoe company. I simply believe in the product and wish to share my experiences.***


Philips Satin Perfect Epilator

Full Disclosure: I received this product to review from Bzz. These are my opinions about the experience. Yours may vary.

Now this post may be a bit T.M.I. for some of you, so I apologize now but I’m sure that I’m not the only woman out there with desire to have smooth legs. I recently received a Philips Satin Perfect Epilator kit to try out, if only this was the first epilator I’ve tried.


For those whom have not had the joy of trying one, the pain is worth it. Yes these little babies pull the hair out but they also leave you smooth and rash free. It is more of a stinging sensation than pain, best to start when your unwanted hair is fairly short. One of the first things I noticed about the Philips epilator was that the “tweezers” were plastic, I felt like this was more gentle but I also won’t last as long at one with metal. The set comes with a number of different guards and a razor head. I think it would be a great kit for someone who wanted to try an elipator for the first time. Personally having it be rechargeable is a huge plus. I’m always out of batteries at the worst moments.