Shared Spaces

A few years ago a troll made a comment on our food blog devaluing my opinion on his favorite restaurant based on the assumption I live in an RV. There was just so much to gripe about with that statement that I did that only reasonable thing, I deleted the comment. Poof, admin rights are awesome. However I still remember the comment, just for its craziness. First of all why would the opinion of someone who traveled in an RV be somehow less valuable? The biggest problem I had with the statement was that I don’t travel or live in an RV.

We travel the US via a cushy semi truck and stay in a hotel at night (as I mentioned last week). After six years we have mastered the art of sharing a small space. We both are messy so stuff lying about isn’t a source of contention. Smelliness is. We fight about one person funking up the shared space. My mother gave us a very thoughtful christmas gift, one that will make you giggle but it is amazing. She gifted us a sample set of Poo-Pourri. This stuff works, I’m amazed and it’s always in my suitcase. Unlike air fresheners that cover up the funk after the fact this stuff never lets it get out. Good stuff!!!! If you share space with a smelly belly like I do, get yourself some Poo-Pourri.


***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

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