Coming This Week: February 21st – 27th

From the beach to the desert!  We are wrapping up our time in California, well for a few weeks anyhow.  This week will be spent in Arizona before making our way to Nevada.

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Song of the Week: Mirror in the Bathroom – The English Beat

Week in Review: I wish I could say we enjoyed another week of California sunshine but honestly it rained most of the time.  As we are leaving for Arizona right now it is once again blue skies. Oh well.  The crummy weather couldn’t make the week too bad since we were able to have dinner with two of our favorite people, Lynn of Rocky Creek and her daughter Kat.   Seeing Kat is always a highlight of our California time and visiting with Lynn was a huge bonus.   Safe travels back to Rocky Creek.

Fun Photo of the Week:


A Change of Pace

Staying in a hotel nearly every night of the year can get a bit tiresome.   I know it’s just part of the job and certainly better than sleeping in the truck (probably the most frequent question I get asked).  We typically stay at one of a handful of chains due to familiarity and services offered.  Every once in a while I want a little change, to try something different.  We have rented cabins, tried a bed & breakfast, and now we have stayed on a ship.


This wasn’t a cruise, because the vessel doesn’t move.  The Queen Mary once a luxury ocean liner is now a lovely historic hotel in Long Beach, CA.   We had made plans to see the lovely Carrleigh, from Rocky Creek, and her mom Kat just before leaving California on our way back to the Southwest.  Finding a hotel with truck parking can be a bit of a challenge at times, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the Queen Mary has a lot for oversized vehicles.

We chose to step up our room from the lowest offered, why not right.  It was very comfortable and very cool.  While the room didn’t face out in to the bay it did have porthole windows!!!


After getting dressed up in some vintage inspired outfits, including red lipstick and a scottie dress, it was time to explore the ship.  Oh did I mention they are dog friendly and Pippi was quite a hit.  The ship was built in Scotland and is home to a Scottish Heritage Facility.

We stopped to have a cocktail at the Observation Bar, a sweet little joint serving tasty concoctions.  I left my red lipstick on the rim of a few flutes containing a French 75.   After all that fun we figured dinner was on the list next.  Due to private functions the only restaurant open on the ship that evening was their posh offering at the top deck.  While it was delicious and the view wonderful I would have preferred something a bit more casual, but hey we were there to have fun.

I’ll spare you the boring, yeah right, details about our evening with Kat and leave you with this.  After filling our heads with wonderful music, plentiful laughs and possibly a bit too much booze, getting lulled to sleep with windows of our stateroom open was a truly awesome experience.  We already can’t wait to go back.

***This is part of a series of posts called “Travel Tuesday“, each covering topics unique to our lifestyle***

Coming This Week: September 16 – 22

We will have gone full circle this week, back to the East Coast. This entire week will be in Washington DC, there is an important meeting for our clients here. I believe that a trip down to Charlottesville is in order. Josh’s cousin Erica just moved there last week and we took a few boxes for her. It’s all about the timing.

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Song of the Week: Indianapolis by Bottle Rockets – There are no many times we feel just somewhere with no way to get around.

Notes from last Week: Rented a VW Bug last week, oh my gosh!! It was just about the most fun little car ever built. My mom had a Bug when she was a teenager, she speaks very fondly of it, now I understand why. Even Josh liked it.

Had a chance to meet up with a fellow blogger, although she is much more. Becky or better known as Flour Power is a social media guru and a staple in the foodie world. I have been a fan for years and always look to her for inspiration to just try something. She took us to a very hip sushi restaurant in Dayton. The Chipotle of sushi you might say, Fusian is a just the place for a quick bite. You pick the ingredients of your roll and the friendly staff puts it together via assembly line. All set in a cool environment, I wish this had been around when I was in college.

I need to say a very special Thank You to Lynn at Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures; you are always a rock when I need it. Thank you for being calm when I wasn’t.

Finally did the edits on our Whistler stop pictures, pretty amazing place to take a truck.


I’ve been hinting about some special visits coming next week, well one came early. We decided to surprise the gag from Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures with a visit. I am going to see Lynn next week but would miss out on the pups. The farm happens to be about halfway between our location and where friends of ours live.  Not only did we get some Scottie time but we met The Campbells for dinner.

Hanging out with Lily and Lynn

I am just head over heals for Lily, she has the big Scottie melon and such loving eyes.

Just the boys - Josh and Piper (and Pippi trying to hide)