I’ve been hinting about some special visits coming next week, well one came early. We decided to surprise the gag from Rocky Creek Scottie Adventures with a visit. I am going to see Lynn next week but would miss out on the pups. The farm happens to be about halfway between our location and where friends of ours live.  Not only did we get some Scottie time but we met The Campbells for dinner.

Hanging out with Lily and Lynn

I am just head over heals for Lily, she has the big Scottie melon and such loving eyes.

Just the boys - Josh and Piper (and Pippi trying to hide)

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  1. Jake and Albert want to know if you’re going to make a surprise visit to see them some day too…they said to tell Miss Pippi that she’d be welcome any time and that they’d even share their beds with her if she wants (in the most dignified and appropriate way, of course).

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