Whistler of a View

Every job has its perks, mine of course is the travel. At least we see it as a perk. So many of our favorite places were tour stops. Often we don’t take all of our vacation time because the tours end up in a location that we find interesting and enjoy our downtime. Whistler is definitely one of these.

During our weeklong stay in British Columbia we took full advantage of surroundings. This world-class ski community becomes a wild mountain biking destination during the summer. Not that I was up for biking, but I did truly enjoy the life rides that are kept open for riders and tourists. Unfortunately the day we went to the top the peeks were socked in. It’s hard to show how vast the views are but I hope you still enjoy some of our shots.

The hiking at the peeks is fantastic but chilly.

The only wild thing I did was white water rafting, now that was fun. No pics from that.

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