American Welding Society Tour

Today we are leaving for our week in Toronto and to learn a new tour. We are escorting The Careers in Welding trailer put together by the American Welding Society sponsored by Lincoln Electric. The last time I was around a welder was in high school, yes I took Ag Mechanics. It would have been... Continue Reading →

Those Funny Boys

While in Minneapolis we had a little time to see Josh's sister and her family, this includes two of his nephews. They are becoming pretty funny guys. One thing that always is a staple to any visit we have it plenty of wrestling time. Those boys have so much energy. We had a blast hanging... Continue Reading →

What I Did on Summer Vacation

Well it wasn't exactly a summer vacation, it wasn't actually a vacation. We have been off tour and off of work for a few weeks. Just returning Monday to do a final show the Library of Congress folks, a thank you to the sponcers. I'm making my way from Minneapolis to Detroit right now in... Continue Reading →

The Families

While home to celebrate the 75th Birthday of my Grandmother we took some time to snap a few family pictures. Aren't they a good-looking bunch!!        

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