Mitchy Matchy (Jammie Pants)

It’s the moment you all have been waiting for, the reveal of this year’s jammie pants!!!!!  As you can see it is a lovely blue and green plaid flannel, but what really makes this a monumental year is that everyone’s fit.  Add to that, my mom had them done way ahead of time; these are a milestone pair.

Jammie Pants 2012 2

Now I don’t want to see any of these photos winding up on some awkward family photo site.  After looking at a few, I realized that we kind of fit into that category.  Except for that my family being so cute.

Jammie Pants 2012 1

As in years past my mom gives us the pants at Thanksgiving and we all wear them Christmas morning.  It’s a small way to be together when we are apart.  This is the 9th year she had made us matching Christmas jammies.

Check out some past years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

3 thoughts on “Mitchy Matchy (Jammie Pants)

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  1. I have been waiting for this.
    Now I can sit back and relax.
    I like this year far better than those yellow ones that one year. You all looked like a bunch of bananas that had been half peeled. This set is great.

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