Jammie Pants Version 7.0

I know you all been waiting with baited breath to see what this year’s Jammie pants would look like. Oh, you don’t know what I’m referring too; well let me fill you in. For those who might be a little newer to The Roving Van Gelders my family has a fun tradition. It started 7 years ago, Josh’s first Christmas with us, my mom makes matching pajama pants for everyone and we take a photo together in them. The funny part is that each time something different goes wrong and that is what makes it special. Some years they are way too big, once too small and one year Mom ran out of fabric. My brother’s little ones usually get full zip-up snuggly ones, each family then wears a different colored of shirt.

So without further ado I reveal to you the 2010 Rigg Family Christmas Pants, ice-skating penguins!!!

This year was not without its fun too. If you look closely you might notice that my pants are made from two different fabrics. Mom was running a little low on flannel and called around to find a store that still had this one is stock. “Do you still have any light blue flannel with penguins ice-skating and skiing?” “We sure do”; who would think that Walmart would have released two different designed that fit that description.

Honestly I love them; I think it makes my special. At least she got them finished this year, the year she had to mail them out and we took our own photos lead to this. A classic!

7 thoughts on “Jammie Pants Version 7.0

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  1. WOW, Abigail, those are way too cute!! That is neat thing for your family to do. WHAT?? NO jammies for Pippi?? whats up with that?? LOL

    Jazzi and Diana

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