Planes, Trains, and Jammie Pants

It always makes me laugh that each year this is the most popular post on the blog, the reveal of this year’s Jammie pants.  For any newbies, my mom makes matching pajama pants for my entire family each year.  This year we are once again wearing the t-shirt that features my pop’s award winning 64′ Ford Fairlane; it is paired with a little choo choo train patterned flannel.  Last year they were “Paw-jamas“, this year it was Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (a favorite holiday movie for us all).

Jammy Pants 2015 ER (1 of 2)

And then one of everyone pretending to have the remote.

Jammy Pants 2015 ER (2 of 2)

Paw-jamma Pants!!!!

For Blog (4 of 4)

I have neglected one of our most popular posts, the annual jammie pants photos!!!! If you are new then let me explain.  Every year my amazing mother makes matching pajama pants for my entire family.  We all put them on for a photo and them wear them Christmas morning.  That way even if we aren’t together we sort of are.

For Blog (3 of 4)

This year had a special theme, Paw-Jammas.  My dad goes by the moniker of Paw to his grandkids, yes Paw vs. Pa.  My mom came up with a great idea to celebrate his year of winning some big car shows.  The pants are made from paw print fabric and the shirts we are wearing are from a show my father’s Fairlane took a trophy at in 2013 and was featured on the 2014 shirt.

For Blog (2 of 4)

For Blog (5 of 4)

Mitchy Matchy (Jammie Pants)

It’s the moment you all have been waiting for, the reveal of this year’s jammie pants!!!!!  As you can see it is a lovely blue and green plaid flannel, but what really makes this a monumental year is that everyone’s fit.  Add to that, my mom had them done way ahead of time; these are a milestone pair.

Jammie Pants 2012 2

Now I don’t want to see any of these photos winding up on some awkward family photo site.  After looking at a few, I realized that we kind of fit into that category.  Except for that my family being so cute.

Jammie Pants 2012 1

As in years past my mom gives us the pants at Thanksgiving and we all wear them Christmas morning.  It’s a small way to be together when we are apart.  This is the 9th year she had made us matching Christmas jammies.

Check out some past years: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

The Flakes are Flying

As another Christmas approaches the time has come to reveal this year’s Rigg Family Jammie Pants!!! I know you all have been waiting with bated breath to see what the theme was this year. Going with a more Holiday friendly print we have; Snowflakes. This marks our 8th year for matching jammies.

We have just as much fun trying to get a photo as we do actually hanging out together. It always makes me laugh that for the rest of the weekend we spend together at least one person has the pants on in a photo.

This is all made possible by the generous and loving efforts of my mother.