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We finally had a show in Illinois; I think it has been more than a year since we have taken a truck to the Land of Lincoln. Other then the winds it was great. I am sure that most of you had to deal with that storm in one way or another. I guess it shouldn’t have surprised us to have weather like this. Last spring when we were driving thought Illinois a side panel was ripped off the tractor by winds. I personally have been in a few tornadoes and don’t fret much until the sirens go off. In the end we came out unscathed and opened our show too great a few guests that were friends of ours from college. While it was great to see everyone the real fun was had after hours. When we were taking around the Reflections exhibit it was not an unusual event for us to have dinner with hosts or the like. With LOC that has been a rare occurrence, so when the Director and Assistant Director of the library invited us to dinner we jumped.

Throughout dinner we chatted about how they reach out the community, always trying to come up with new ways to show the services they provide. While we are not librarians, no matter what industry we work with we try to learn. I could plan one heck of a funeral by now. In attendance was a retired history teacher, a spouse, and once the conversation got rolling his way we had a great chat. I can’t image what I would have turnout like had I experienced a history teacher like him. His passion and creative thinking keep us all going through the evening. I have to say these book worms knew how to have a good time.

So if any future event hosts out there is reading this, we do like company at dinner!

Just thought I’d add one of Pippi for your enjoyment.

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