All This Junk

One of the not-so-fun parts about going back to the company's headquarters in Detroit to wrap up a tour is moving out of the semi.  When we turn the truck in for repairs and maintenance we have to also take all of our stuff out of it.  Since we have been in that tractor for... Continue Reading →

Loyal Patron

We wrapped up our year-long tour with the Library of Congress on Sunday and were greeted again by those delightful little stink bugs once we hit Virginia. It was an instant reminder we really have been gone for a year. Saturday was a much tougher than I had expected; so many friendly faces and hugs... Continue Reading →

AAM – Day 3 (fin)

Ugg, so now that the convention is completed I have all the time in the world to stew about all the things I didn't do. That darn hindsight, gets you every time. The Library of Congress exhibit is not scheduled by requests, so many of the folks we talked too were only looking for that... Continue Reading →

AAM – Day Two

I always thought our life was nuts, well conventions are nuts! We have been running around like mad men all morning getting the ready. Our company is presenting this morning to convention goers about the opportunities to create a mobile program for their museums. Not every museum can use a mobile like ours but I'm... Continue Reading →

AAM – Day One

Ahhhh..... I'm comfortably tucked into bed after surviving day one of the convention.  I say surviving because I have spent the last eight hours on my feet talking to hundreds of people about our trucks.  While we are featuring the Gateway to Knowledge exhibit from the Library of Congress we are here to promote our... Continue Reading →

Stand By for AAM

I want to warn our regular readers that I will be covering our experience exhibiting and attending the 2011 American Association of Museums Convention in Houston over the next week. Josh and I have wanted to be a part of this convention for years. It seams like each summer we get moved to a different... Continue Reading →

Giddy Up

This post was a week in the making, certainly not for its greatness but that I “lost” the images.  How does a person misplace digital images?  Well a person might have forgotten that they loaded said images onto a backup card and then labeled them as work images.  Then one might have loaded that entire... Continue Reading →

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