AAM – Day Two

I always thought our life was nuts, well conventions are nuts! We have been running around like mad men all morning getting the ready. Our company is presenting this morning to convention goers about the opportunities to create a mobile program for their museums. Not every museum can use a mobile like ours but I’m honestly amazed at how many here could create a killer program with our help. So many facilities would like to integrate their already in place outreach programs with a broader scope. Let’s get out of doors and into schools.

Last night we had a few minutes to sit down and talk about all the people we met and what opportunities might be out there to create some really cool programs. I’m not comfortable talking specifically about what museums are calling but 2012 might be the year of military tours. I’ve got to tell you that Josh and I are going to have a hard time not trying to do them all! As we’re learning more it is clear that some of these museums want some huge exhibits. Like multiple trucks, tents, inflatables and more! While The Roving Van Gelders are awesome, I’m not a huge fan of touring with a large team. I really have no idea what is going to be next for us.

2 thoughts on “AAM – Day Two

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  1. Lay back in that fabulous hotel bed and don’t think about it! Something will happen, and you’ll be just as excitied as your LOC tour.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. This Convention is going down really well. If you did Large Conventions maybe you could stay in one place more often?

    You sound so happy with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Wow. I almost wish I was part of Team Van Gelder just to get the buzz you got. Then I remember I prefer sitting at home and reading about your travels than doing them.

    As Puddles would say, Peace Out!

    Hector’s Human

    PS: Lucy is small. We took her to the Vets and she had gained a kilo so we not worried. But a growth spurt would be reassuring.


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