AAM – Day 3 (fin)

Ugg, so now that the convention is completed I have all the time in the world to stew about all the things I didn’t do. That darn hindsight, gets you every time. The Library of Congress exhibit is not scheduled by requests, so many of the folks we talked too were only looking for that information. Why did I not get every single person’s contact info! It’s not like this will be the last museum we work with, by any means, and I want those contacts for future tours. I hosted a tweetup that went well but could have been better. I also could have had it announced that I was taking photos of people “Driving the Truck” on the loudspeaker. I’m not new to social networking but I’m no expert. You always get better right.

We also had the fun of writing of report for the sales team, so many potential tours out there. We are just going to enjoy our time off before getting back at it.

One thought on “AAM – Day 3 (fin)

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  1. Hindsight!!!!! Tell me about it……..

    ‘If only….’ is another one.

    ‘But….’ is another….

    ‘I did my best!’ How’s that?

    ‘Now’, rest up and you can remind me of the above next time I do the ‘beat myself up afterwards’ thing.

    Roodles and love to Pippi the beautiful!

    Hector and family

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