What Is It That You Do? Part 2

I do believe that we have one of the most unusual jobs around, thankfully not a dirty job, well not too dirty. Since I tried to lay out the nuts and bolts about the work we do, I thought I’d share some of the cool elements, like how what we write and photograph at work gets used in all sorts of ways. With it just being Josh and I out on these tours one responsibility we have is to photograph the events and the exhibits in interesting locations. These photos are used for many different things, our company puts them on their website and Facebook page; they use them in promotional materials for the tour and their own marketing materials and a special bonus for this tour is that the Library of Congress also gets my images. These are not only a part of the Library’s collection now but many have now been used in publications by the Library. On our last tour, Reflections, I was fortunate to find that a few magazines published my shots along with articles. I also write blogs and posts for most of our tours; my shinning achievement is that LOC publishes my posts on their blog as a guest writer. While my job is already pretty cool the opportunities for creative growth have been unmatched.

This link will take you a Library of Congress publication that used our Photos!


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