What Is It That You Do? Part 2

I do believe that we have one of the most unusual jobs around, thankfully not a dirty job, well not too dirty. Since I tried to lay out the nuts and bolts about the work we do, I thought I'd share some of the cool elements, like how what we write and photograph at work... Continue Reading →

Hello and Goodby

Our nutty summer is coming to an end and we are getting back to normal, normal for us.  Josh and I have been bouncing between tours for months now, spending the last two weeks on different trucks; Monday we met back up.  I was in Indy and drove to get him in Springfield, IL; where... Continue Reading →

Cemetery Walk

In the natural ebb and flow of a tour you inevitably run through periods where there are uncontrollable problems and shows that don’t meet expectations.  The weather and equipment problems and myriad of other difficulties can take its toll.  It can be easy to get caught up in trying to get to and through events... Continue Reading →

Bringing it Home

After working on the road for two years we finally had a chance last weekend to make a tour stop in the Twin Cities, a place we called home for the six years prior to taking this job.  Not only was this a our first opportunity to share the exhibit and explain our job better,... Continue Reading →

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I wanted to post this yesterday but a few snags came up.  We are back out on tour, glad to be so, however the wi-fi at our hotel was terrible and I spent all night trying to load files for work.  On top of that we were trapped on the interstate for 2 hours as... Continue Reading →

The Big Show

All those crazy hours and work in DC were well worth it when we pulled into our event location. We set up our truck just below the US Capitol building!!! The morning started at 4:00 AM for us, I'm not too pleasant that early, the truck needed to be in place for clearance. After being... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln

Today is Abraham Lincoln's 201st Birthday, Happy Birthday Abe. We celebrated with cookies here but the town of Danville, IL does more then that. Abraham spent a good chunk of time there and each year to honor their hometown hero a big party is held. Including cake, a card contest and this year our exhibit.... Continue Reading →

Special Guests

We had a couple of special visitors this weekend, my parents. This weekend took us to Danville, IL and on their way back from my brother's in Indiana a stop by our truck was a must. My mom has had a chance to tour the exhibit before but not my pops. It's not usual for... Continue Reading →

Serious Business

I had no idea how much I missed the road, we just got back out after a month of being stationary. Couldn't believe how quickly life falls back into rhythm. We also did our first set up in a month, a challenge in cold and ice but it went smoothly. As you can tell from... Continue Reading →

Our New (Old) Tour

We have switched tours again this year but not to a new one. Josh and I are back on the Reflections Tour, and glad to be so. We take a great deal of pride in these types of tours and truly enjoy the places they take us. For now we will be in Detroit for... Continue Reading →

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