Cemetery Walk

In the natural ebb and flow of a tour you inevitably run through periods where there are uncontrollable problems and shows that don’t meet expectations.  The weather and equipment problems and myriad of other difficulties can take its toll.  It can be easy to get caught up in trying to get to and through events and forget why we do a tour like Reflections.  We of course always strive to have successful events and meet the goals and desires of our hosts and sponsors but it is still difficult to predict what will make an event a success or a disappointment.  It is very disheartening for us to see our hosts try so hard but sometimes doing everything right is just not enough.  It can take a particularly unique event to pull you out of this rut.

Our latest show was at the countries second largest cemetery and home to some pretty amazing Americans.  The grounds are so large that a marathon is run here.  It was interesting to see how the community uses the grounds.  Many families were there to visit the final resting place of loves ones but others were there for an afternoon jog.  We even saw a family playing badminton in a parking lot.  I am sure that folks don’t hand out in cemeteries in your neighborhood.

One of  the media points we use with Reflections is that it’s a unique way to view history.  Looking at how a person was mourned in their lifetime can give you insight to what they meant in their own age.  We visited the grave of Salmon Chase, an honored advocacy of Abraham Lincoln.  It’s not hard to find a connection to Abe in a midwestern cemetery.  Just another connection we have to his legacy.

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