A Holiday Letter From Josh

Seasons Greetings! Another year has passed and it is time for another Christmas letter.  Our vagabond lifestyle has once again taken us to many fresh corners of the earth and introduced us to new people as well as reacquainting us with old friends and family.   Abigail’s side of the family has had its ups... Continue Reading →

Whoa is Pippi

For those of you that own a female dog you have probably dealt with a bout or two of puppy love directed at your spouse. Pippi is no exception, she is mad for Josh. She has recently started to fall victim to a terrible habit, getting lovesick while he is away. Josh spent about a... Continue Reading →

American Welding Society Tour

Today we are leaving for our week in Toronto and to learn a new tour. We are escorting The Careers in Welding trailer put together by the American Welding Society sponsored by Lincoln Electric. The last time I was around a welder was in high school, yes I took Ag Mechanics. It would have been... Continue Reading →

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