Up the Crow’s Nest

Before leaving for home we had a little time set aside time to take out the sailboat; unfortunately we also had to make a little time to fix a snag in one of the lines. A few weeks back the line for the main sail got away from our partner Nathan and went straight to... Continue Reading →

Bye Bye Josh

Yesterday Josh departed for his 10 day vacation, he will be making his way to the Twin Cities meeting up with friends and family. He is planning a quick trip home to Dubuque to visit his Grandmother Bernie, whose health is starting to fail. This vacation will include the annual canoe trip to the Boundary... Continue Reading →

The Birthday Boy

What more could a fella want when turning 35 than to spend the day in a canoe with his ladies? How about adding the amazing fact that it was free fishing weekend, no permits required! Oh yeah. We are in Arkansas and headed to the Ozark Mountains for a half day long canoe float in... Continue Reading →

In My Bare Feet

If you looked at the images here before reading, you're probably wondering why I'm taking photos of shoes. Especially since I don't often promote products here. This isn't really a promotion but more of an explanation, we have started going Barefoot. I'm sure you have seen those funky shoes that go between people's toes around,... Continue Reading →

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