The Birthday Boy

What more could a fella want when turning 35 than to spend the day in a canoe with his ladies? How about adding the amazing fact that it was free fishing weekend, no permits required! Oh yeah.

We are in Arkansas and headed to the Ozark Mountains for a half day long canoe float in the Kings River. A very relaxing way to spend the day. While Josh didn’t catch a whopper they were biting. He mush have reeled in 100 of these cute little guys. The water was crystal clear and you could watch the fish go after his flies.

This is the first time I have been with him fly fishing in a canoe. In the past he used a regular pole and would just about tip the boat over when setting a hook. Would drive me nuts, but fly fishing requires a bit more finesse and has eliminated the near capsizing craziness.

Here is Josh sporting some Birthday goodies. The snazzy shorts are from his Mom and that is a Citizen Dive watch from me. So spoiled.

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