Coming This Week: June 12 – 18

It is time for my girls week! This is the annual trip I take with friends to relax and enjoy the company of someone other than Josh for a bit.  Josh will remain on tour with a little help from a new MRA employee, Vincent. They will be in the towns of Marshall, TX and Monroe, LA.

I’m going to Michigan for a champing trip. I don’t plan to post while gone but I will have some pre-written.

Post of the Week: No post this week, big news today is that it is Josh’s Birthday!

4 thoughts on “Coming This Week: June 12 – 18

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  1. Happy Bday Josh. It’s my daughter’s bday too. Have a fun week with your girlfriends. I’m a big fan of small breaks away from each other for couples. Very healthy for everyone!! Pippi one of the girls?! 😉

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